Wallpaper & Wet Areas

One of the questions we get asked is, can you use wallpaper in a bathroom project? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should consider before you make your decisions. 

Image:  Tom Robertson Architecture 

A quality wallpaper can handle a small amount of moisture and is relatively durable as it is. However, not all wallpapers have a ‘wipeable’ surface, so you need to check the care information of the wallpaper you are selecting for your bathroom project. 

Image:  Nido Studio

You should think about the placement of your wallpaper in relation to the water source.  How much splash is it likely to receive? One option is to install above tiling or a dado to protect the paper.  Is your bathroom adequately ventilated with fans and windows? If the answer is no, then you should tread carefully.

Image: The Rectory Hotel 

If you want to make your wallpaper water resistant, you can apply a glaze to the surface. Resene make a product called ‘Concrete Clear’ which is commonly used by experienced wallpaper installers; It comes in 'flat', 'satin' or 'gloss' depending on the finish that is most desireable. The glaze gets painted on and typically will not change the look of the surface and you won’t even know it’s been applied, however make sure you do a test strip on a small section of the paper before you start hanging the wallpaper.

Lastly, we recommend consulting with a specialist wallpaper installer, the experienced ones are a wealth of knowledge you should tap into.  

Good luck with your next bathroom project. 


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