Tricia Guild Presents the Latest Collection

Those who have visited the flagship Designers Guild store, will know that it is an experience like no other. It is not uncommon to spend half a day exploring the ever-evolving space and pursuing your passion for design.

At a time when we are confined to our own homes, let us transport you to the heart of Chelsea London, just for a few brief moments of reprieve. Please enjoy this uncut and unabridged video of Tricia presenting the latest collection and giving a tour of the amazing Kings Road store.

In the video Tricia unveils the location of the Art Deco house they used in their collection photography (6.20min), she touches on how to use their fabric and wallpaper (7.09min), and there is a tip on using large scale floral wallpaper in your home (7.20min).

This video is a rare gem, unedited and from the heart.

Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

Elegant Mellow Richness

50 Years of Designers Guild