Cole and Son x Ardmore

Launching the Ardmore Collection by Cole and Son


Ardmore is a new and exciting collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art. The range features a range of conversational, vibrant, pictorial wallpapers and borders that add a whole new dimension to Cole and Son’s library . . . . . . . . . . but first the story of  Ardmore Ceramic Art

Ardmore was established  over 30 years ago on Ardmore Farm, South Africa, when the founder Fee Halstead met Bonnie Ntshalintshali the daughter of her housekeeper. Those early days say Fee, who has a BA  ( Fine Arts) Honours degree, sharing her knowledge with Bonnie whose polio meant she was unable to work in the fields. Fee and Bonnie quickly developed an artistic synergy and under Fee’s mentorship, Bonnie’s natural skill as an artist blossomed. Five years later the two women were jointly awarded the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award, the first such partnership to be recognized. Following this Fee offered other local women the opportunity to train at Ardmore. Many of them, including Punch Shabalala, and sisters Jabu and Zinhie Nene have continued to work alongside Fee for many years.



Known for their stunning pieces that broke from ceramic conventions of the time, fired terracotta clay was adorned with plaka paints, boot polish, glues and putty. Later American Amaco paints and transparent glazes brought vibrant colour and a fine painting style to the ceramics. Today, located in the Caversham Valley, alongside the gallery and  and the Bonnie Ntshalintshali Museum which was created to honour Fee’s co- artist and friend after her tragic death from HIV/AIDS, the artists from Ardmore are given training, direction, materials and a market for their work.



Christie’s of London has acclaimed Ardmore Ceramics as “ modern day collectibles” and today their work can be found in leading galleries and collections all over the world including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, and the Museum of Cultures in Basel, Switzerland.


Cole and Son and Ardmore’s Collaboration.


Shauna Dennison, Cole and Son’s Creative Director says “ Having coveted Ardmore Ceramics for several years and being strongly drawn to their whimsicality and narrative, it is now a pleasure and a delight to be recreating these fabulous Ardmore stories onto wallpaper.




Colourful, vibrant and quirky, Ardmore ceramics celebrate Africa’s birds, big cats, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, mischievous monkeys and exotic flowers; as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and woven basket ware. This collection of Cole and Son is the first developed with the beautiful colours of the Southern Hemisphere which makes it uniquely suited to  our New Zealand light. Make sure you see Ardmore soon. It’s very exciting and different.



Wednesday 15 Feb 2017


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