Mariinksy Damasks

I’m really excited to see how our customers will use Mariinsky Damask wallpapers to add theatre and drama to their interiors.

Shauna Dennison.

Creative Director Cole & Son


The Damask pattern has always been one of the cornerstones of repeating pattern design within both textiles and wallcoverings since its introduction to Europe in the 1300s. Following the success of Albemarle and its launch nearly 5 years ago I felt it was timely therefore that Cole & Son produced a follow up. Because of the abundance of good damask designs produced in Europe over the centuries, there is rarely a need nowadays to produce anything completely new, but what I have tried to do with Mariinsky Damask Wallpapers, as with Albemarle, is adapt the patterns, many of which we already possess in our archive, either with the addition of extra surprising elements like the Hoopoe bird in Balabina or the tile structure in Stravinsky. 

Or through colouring, in order to make the patterns more contemporary and to stamp my own signature on them. I wanted the colouring of this collection to be rich and intense in order to reflect the opulence and luxury of this style of design, and I was also very influenced by costume and stage design, particularly the 2012 Tom Stoppard film adaptation of Anna Karenina and the very unique and over- the- top window displays of the Bergdorf Goodman store in New York. You will see these influences of theatre, ballet and drama reflected in the styling and photography for the collection, which has a slightly otherworldly and ‘mise en scène’ feel.

Tuesday 04 Oct 2016

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