Designers Guild Rapid-risers


Some of us get excited by best-seller lists, others will put them in the same category as spreadsheets and tax time. Whichever category you fall under, it cannot be denied, knowing what sells is quite valuable for those of us running a business. We have collated our top performing Designers Guild Essentials…. But with a little twist. When we started crunching the numbers, there were some surprises, with several new and newish designs rising to the top-of-the-pops in no time at all – We call these our ‘Rapid Riser’. 

Top 5- Rapid Risers.

#5 Opera

As we spend more time on the sofa watching Netflix, playing with new puppies, and drinking more wine during lockdown, the popularity of “Easy Clean’ fabric has grown. With it’s unique easy clean technology spills and stains are easily removed, it is no surprise then that the Opera collection has risen into our best-sellers list.

 #4 Chambery Fabric

A Designers Guild sheer is almost always extremely beautiful, elegant and with some kind of unique effect to make it that little bit special. The Chambery collection is no exception.  Chambery offers a slubbed effect in soft shades, with exceptional lightfastness making it ideal for our climate.  Complimented by Ravoire pinstripe in twelve colour combinations.

#3 Anshu

Some love it others not so much, but this subtly textured hammered satin weave selling like crazy all around the country. Perfect for those who love a bit of glamour in their homes, use Anshu for sophisticated curtains, blinds and bedcovers.

#2 Glenville

For many years Glenville has been the quiet achiever. For many designers it is their go-to for that gorgeous antiqued look and feel plain pile velvet, knowing it makes-up the most beautiful dining chairs, bedheads, and curtains. With the recent release of Glenville II and its extended colour palette, we see this collection as a staple for all who like and use velvet.  

#1 Manipur

There are two reasons for the success of this fabric; Firstly, the unique cut-velvet hexagonal pattern, which makes it the perfect co-ordinate to striped, floral and other patterns fabrics. Secondly, the colour palette is just Devine.   Interested to know what is the best-selling Manipur colour?.....It is Oyster pictured below. 

Thursday 03 Sep 2020

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